How art could save us from extinction

Our 2021 review presents the results of our first year of programming and the power of arts and cultural interventions in driving action for nature and climate.

We’re coming towards the end of our first year of programming and are on track to reach half a million people through a range of interventions including sculpture, music, film and more. We’ve built research around all these interventions and what we’re finding is really exciting. The data suggests that experiencing nature through the arts is leading to a significant increase in both nature connection and personal wellbeing. And, over half of those surveyed reported that this has prompted them to take more action for nature as a result.

Our first year of programming has given us proof of concept that creatively growing connection to nature is both good for people and planet. It has been warmly received by our audiences, the art world and the media alike. In 2022, we want to build on this success and shift the cultural landscape in the UK to support all sectors of society to develop a new and closer relationship with nature.