We teamed up with 64 Million Artists to set four creative challenges that explore art, creativity, and nature connection. Give these challenges a go and see if art can bring you closer to nature.

Challenge 1: Sounds of Nature

What sound encapsulates nature for you? Is it trickling water, birdsong, the pitter patter of rain, a clap of thunder? Maybe it’s simply silence? The sounds of nature are all around us – we challenge you to venture into the great outdoors and seek those sounds. You could share a recording, or capture the sound through a piece of descriptive writing.

If you have more time…
You’ve found the sound, now let’s get musical and recreate it. Use the materials you find around you – rummage through your cupboards or use your body and voice. How closely can you match it and what ‘instruments’ can you find? If you’re feeling extra creative – create a nature dance or move to accompany your sound.

Challenge 2: Tell a tree’s tall tale

Did you know that the oldest oak trees emerged from their acorns one thousand years ago – around the time of the Domesday book? Imagine the change they have seen in their lifetimes.

Take a moment to find and choose a tree, then write a short story that illustrates a conversation between you and that tree. If you could talk to it, what do you think it would say? What have they seen in their life, and what are they thinking, feeling and saying? Why did you choose that tree? Create and write down your conversation as a story, poem or script, and see where it takes you.

If you have more time…
If you or someone around you were a tree which tree would you/they choose to be? Would it be tall and strong or a budding young sapling? Consider colours, shapes, sizes and places and make it yours. There are many ways of capturing your ideas, you could draw your tree, take a photograph of one or describe it in a poem – the choice is yours.

Challenge 3: Walking with Nature

From exploring your leafy surroundings to delving deep into our natural roots, we welcome you and your curious mind to join us on an exciting adventure. So, engage your inner explorer. Our trail begins by asking: What is nature? Where does it live and how can we find it?

Go on a noticing walk. Take a stroll outside and pay attention to the natural world around you. Your attention may at first be drawn to the obvious, but see if you can spot unexpected moments of beauty. Engage all of your senses. What everyday nature can you see, hear or smell? Are there shades of Autumn around you? Perhaps certain shapes, lines and textures draw your eye. Maybe there’s something to touch? Take a breath and enjoy the moment.

If you have more time…
Choose a natural object (it could be a tree, a patch of green space or simply the sky) and record how it changes over the week. Does its colour alter or shape shift? Make a record by writing a quick journal entry or sketching what you see.

Challenge 4: Mapping nature’s movements

Sit in a natural space and map the journeys of the animals, birds, insects and natural objects moving and interacting around you. You could use lines and shapes to capture that particular moment in time. Observe the pace, direction and intention of the things moving around you. Where have they been, and where are they going? Who do they meet on the way?

If you have more time…
Where do you fit into this map? Imagine you are an explorer. How would you like to interact with the space? Where would you lie to go and what would you like to discover? What will you need? Who will you take with you along the way?