Meditating with nature

Natural sounds and fresh air are wonderfully soothing for stressed out minds and meditating outdoors can help us reconnect to the natural world through our senses. Some find being outdoors also makes meditating easier and more rewarding.

Mindfulness meditation involves sitting quietly in a comfortable position while you observe your thoughts without engaging or judging. Instead of forcing the mind to be still or quiet, it’s about learning to notice, accept and let go. It’s been compared to watching clouds drift by overhead, except you’re observing your thoughts instead.

Find more tips in our beginners guide to mindfulness meditation.

Try a guided audio meditation

We’ve prepared this 10 minute audio meditation with researchers from the University of Derby, which will immerse you in a relaxing, natural soundscape.

Find a quiet spot, an undisturbed place or safe space for the next 10 minutes, and get ready to close your eyes and listen. Before you begin, check that the volume is high enough without being too loud. The audio will guide you through a short meditation. The bell will ring at the beginning and at the end.

Settle into a comfortable position. Adopt and allow an appropriate posture to express and support your intention to be awake and consciously present. Gently close your eyes as you listen.

By Orso Muneghina under supervision of Prof. Miles Richardson, University of Derby. Voiceover by Jay Lawrence.