Announcing Hurricane – a one-off live performance

28th February 2022

One year on from the making of the sculptural pavilion Silence, the artists Heather Peak and Ivan Morison have returned to create a one-off performance, titled Hurricane.

The new work incorporates sound, spoken word and movement to heighten and distort participants experience of the space, each other and the more than human beings around them.

Working again with poet and rapper SAF-S2E and composer and musician Jahday Ford, the artists have built on Beyond Silence, the digital audio visual interpretation of the work, to create this immersive live event.

”Growing up in Bermuda you get to experience the full force of the natural world” says Jahday Ford. “When a hurricane approaches you come together to shelter, the sound outside can be extraordinary, your world is turned upside down. I remember as a child stepping outside into the eye of the hurricane, looking up at the still, clear sky above whilst all around was devastation, the wall of the hurricane on all sides. I was pulled back inside by my parents as the hurricane hit us again, but I felt changed somehow, more yielding of the destruction happening around me.”

And so the artwork Silence reveals to us a powerful hidden voice in the performance Hurricane, as performers and audience alike are drawn into its eye, in a work that speaks of our place within this century’s unyielding global events.

The event will take place on Friday 22 April at sundown to mark Earth Day 2022.

Devised and performed by Saf-S2E, Jahday Ford, Heather Peak and Ivan Morison.

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