Beyond Silence

Beyond Silence is a new digital artwork produced by Future20 Collective members SAF-S2E, Jahday Ford and Melissa Sorrell in collaboration with Studio Morison.

Studio Morison and Future20 Collective members SAF-S2E, Jahday Ford and Melissa Sorrell have created a new digital artwork which reimagines Heather Peak and Ivan Morison’s sculptural installation Silence – Alone in a World of Wounds, on display at Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Join us here for the online launch on Thursday 21st October at 6pm.

Collaborating with Ivan Morison, the diverse creative practices of SAF-S2E, Ford, Sorrell have fused together to produce a creative digital response to the sculpture, its surrounding landscape and wider environmental context, titled Beyond Silence.

Responding to the question “can art save us from extinction?” Silence invites visitors to be quiet in the pavilion-like space, and to spend time listening and focusing on the surrounding natural environment, reflecting on how we might rebalance our relationship with nature. SAF-S2E, Ford, Sorrell have taken this as inspiration to produce this new commission.

Beyond Silence is comprised of onsite field recordings, moving images and heightened audio experiences of the site captured during various times of the day and night. As light, silence and sound change the atmosphere of a space, the film’s visuals by Sorrell capture the feelings and moments that often get missed during the bustle of the everyday. The film reflects changing environments, evoking feelings of meditation, reflection, and the tranquil essence of human activity, as well as highlighting the destructive moments within nature to accompany moments heard in the film’s soundtrack.

The artistic and sonic interpretations created by Ford were made spontaneously in the space, and capture the multiple buzzing, flapping, chirping sounds heard in the dark, as well as the wind, water and breathing. These combined create a soundtrack that reflects the storm that is threatening our future, and acts has the sounds of Earth claiming back its land before humans ruin it completely.

Freestyled words and lyrics by SAF-S2E are a warning of what is found in the silence – do people these days sit, look around and admire the world? Or will we continue to pave a path of no return for the human race?

Melissa Sorrell

After graduating with a Filmmaking degree in 2018, Melissa Sorrell has concentrated on a variety of film productions; primarily short dramas and music videos. During the pandemic, she completed her first Virtual Reality exhibition, Last Place on Earth, which was an artistic response to climate change, commissioned by HOME MCR.

Jahday Ford

Since relocating from Bermuda to Manchester UK in 2011, Jahday Ford has developed his artistry through collaborations, Art & Design courses at Manchester College and most recently graduating from The Manchester School of Art (BA Three Dimensional Design). His recent work explores the materiality and craft of glass blowing and moulding making with digital sound design.


SAF-S2E is a poet, rapper, theatre maker and member of Young Identity. His writing explores existence as a whole in terms of spirituality, growth and the meaning of being. He has performed in various stages and festivals across the UK such as Latitude, Sundown and Manchester International Festival. He was one of 6 winners of BBC Words First 2019.